Electric Networks of Armenia

Electrical Safety

Dear children,

When playing with a kite, playing ball or fishing, beware of all types of electrical wires whether on the roof of a building, in a basement or on the street - nothing should touch the wires. Do not play, light bonfires, place flammable materials near power lines and under overhead the lines.

Never touch damaged outlets or broken, dropped, or dangling power cords as they may be live.

If you hear an explosion from a TV or other electrical appliance, or sparks fly from it, don't panic. Do not touch the plug and report it to an adult immediately.

Be sure to turn off electrical devices when leaving the house.

Do not turn electrical appliances on in the bathroom as water spilled on the floor can become a conductor of electricity. Avoid touching any power source with wet hands.

Special signs posted on the walls of electrical substations or other buildings, on the entrances to the cabins warn that you should stay away from that area and find another place to play. Don't tear off those signs and endanger the lives of others.

Be careful during lightning as well. Close doors and windows, turn off electrical appliances, especially the TV, because lightning likes to strike metals with sharp edges, such as TV antennas. If you are on the street, try to get into a house or car. Avoid solitary trees, power lines, bus shelters and metal objects. Stay away from lakes and rivers.

If you see that another child is violating safety rules, stop him and warn him of the danger: if this does not help, inform an adult about. This way you might save his life.

When you see anything that seems dangerous related to electricity, immediately call 1-80 and inform the employees of "Armenia Electric Networks" company about it.

First aid for electric shocked person

In case of electric shock, immediately call 1-03 for an ambulance and provide first aid to the casualty individually.

Very often the life of the casualty can be saved only in the first 4-5 minutes, so you need to act very quickly.

Call an adult, immediately turn off the appliance using a non-conductive material, or move away the electrical cord that shocked the casualty.

Ensure the casualty is lying on his/her back with the head slightly tilted down and put something soft under his/her legs. In no case should the casualty be allowed to stand or move, even if it seems that he or she is healthy and not injured.

If the casualty is unresponsive but with normal breading and heartbeat, loosen the straps, buttons of the clothes, the belt, ensure the access of fresh air, bring ammonia closer to the casualty’s nose.

If the casualty is not breathing, his heart is not beating, then artificial respiration will be required. Take a deep breath, blow slowly into the nostrils or mouth (if you are blowing into the mouth, clamps the nostrils with your fingers). Compress the casualty’s chest 2 inches above the center at the rate of 1 beats per second with crossed hands without bending your elbows.

Administer chest compression 5 time and artificial respiration 2 time, and then repeat the same. Do not stop first aid treatment until the doctor’s arrival. The casualty should not be given any medication without doctor's instruction.

We save energy

Of course, "Electric Networks of Armenia" provides you with the necessary amount of electricity, but electricity is not inexhaustible and it needs to be saved. And it's not that difficult to do it. For example:

  • Be sure to turn off the lights when leaving the room
  • When you get tired of the TV and computer, turn them off.

Always remember that the electricity generation produces nature polluting waste, while when you save electricity - you also save nature.

Energy-saving bulbs consume much less electricity, so today they are preferred all over the world.