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  • The trade union of the company is lead by the main body consisting of 9 members elected at the assembly.

  • Company’s trade union organization includes all the trade union organizations of republican 12 branches’ distributive networks.

  • It is acting according to the law “On trade union organizations of RA”, as well as “Collective agreement”. In June 2003 a “Collective agreement” was signed between the Employer and the committee, which aims to protect employees’ interests and rights, to promote solution of young employees’ and work veterans’ social problems.

  • Committee meetings are convened every month, where various questions concerning employees’ social, economic and everyday problems are discussed.

  • Trade union organization directly participates in employees’ and their families’ rest organization, appropriates funds for the solution of different problems (from the corresponding membership fees). During the current year only, more than 2000 “ENA” CJSC employees with their families benefited from this advantage.

  • One of the basic tasks of trade union is organization and participation in mass, cultural and holiday actions, as well as organization of the memory days. Special attention is paid to the celebration of national holidays: March 8th, May 9th, power-man day etc. Chess tournament is organized every year. Its semi-final and final games are organized out of town, on the expense of trade union organization.

  • Since June 1, 2004, well equipped medical room has been working in the Company, where well qualified specialists are conducting prophylactic examinations and medical care free of charge.

  • Trade union organization is also supporting kindergartens and retirement homes of Yerevan, giving them financial assistance, if necessary.

    During the staff unification process, the Trade Union Committee has great success in sport, particularly football sphere. In 2005, on initiative of Trade Union organization and the management of ENA, as well as according to the results of elimination matches between various subdivisions and ENA branches, amateur football team of the company was formed. In a very short period the team has achieved great success, winning the first place in the 5th traditional tournament, dedicated to the 16th summer anniversary of the Germany reunion and becoming mini-football champion of amateur competitions “Business League – 2006” and “Made in Armenia”. In 2006 “ENA” CJSC football team was recognized as the best team by the Armenian Football Federation.