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Company message on the implementation of ISO standards

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Today, ISO standards are true initiatives that have been developed primarily to let each enterprise have an effective quality management system. ISO 9001, 9002 and 9003 can be considered as the most important standards among others as they are normative and have been designed to enable consumers or third parties to evaluate the quality system of an enterprise.

When I am to speak about the purposes for which we decided to perform quality certification, I should mention the following: this is an opportunity for increasing the quality of our services, meeting the needs of consumers as well as cutting costs and getting preferential insurance and loans.

I am sure; by implementing international ISO standards in quality management systems, we will increase the productivity of our work enormously.

Today, ISO standards are being widely used in the world to manage the quality of any product. In many countries, international quality management standards are even set on the national level. In global practice, it is accepted to refer to quality certification when it comes to signing an agreement with an organization.

I would also like to mention that our intention is neither to get the certificate just for getting it nor to collect unnecessary documentation for our company. By paying great attention to international standards, we primarily set an objective to make use of latest achievements in the field of management systems that we intend to use in our everyday work.